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CAMPS Australia Wide Premium POIs for TomTom - XL's, Start & others (pre 2015 models)

What computer system do you use?

a TomTom and would like to be able to find out "Where is my nearest CAMPS location?" or instruct it to "take me to site...", Then this handy addition is for you!

CAMPS Australia Wide POIs now include:

  • Updated Camps 12 data set
  • Updated Camps Pendium data set
  • Updated Caravan Parks 6, Premium Caravan Parks - 2,230+ locations
  • 7,699 locations of free or low cost camping sites, RV Parks, National Parks, State Forests, Farm Stays, Pub Stays, Dump Points and more
  • Total 7,911 verified locations
  • Updated symbols to increase readability on GPS

This is now a subscription service and you will receive the most recent Update data file every year on the anniversary of your purchase.  You will always have the most accurate information at your finger tips.

This includes all Free and Budget sites as well as Caravan Parks, National, Parks, State Forests, Showground Stays, Private and Station camping, Pub stays and more.

We'll email you a specific file for your GPS, just connect up your GPS and install the file. Simple and easy to do. Detailed instructions included.  Please specify when ordering, if you use a Windows or MAC computer.

TomTom have started to reuse old product names and numbers with their new 2015+ units. If you have purchased your TomTom during 2015 or later please check this list first: click here

This download suits:

  • GO x50 series
    GO 950 LIVE, GO 950, GO 750 LIVE, GO 750, GO 550 LIVE & GO 550
  • GO x40 series
    GO 940 LIVE, GO 940, GO 740 LIVE, GO 740 & GO 540 LIVE
  • GO x30 series
    GO 930, GO 730, GO 630 & GO 530
  • GO x20 series
    GO 920, GO 720 & GO 520
  • GO x10 series
    GO 910, GO 710 & GO 510
  • GO x00 series (2005)
    GO 700, GO 500 (2005) & GO 300
  • GO
  • XXL series
    XXL Classic & XXL IQ Routes
  • XL series
    XL Classic, XL LIVE IQ Routes, XL IQ Routes & XL IQ Routes²
  • Start series
    Start Classic, Start, Start²
  • ONE series
    ONE IQ Routes, ONE 30 series, ONE 3rd Edition, ONE 2nd Edition & ONE 1st Edition
  • Rider (2013)
  • Rider Pro
  • Urban Rider
  • RIDER 2nd Edition

For other TomTom models see:

CAMPS Australia Wide Premium POIs for TomTom - 2015+ Models

CAMPSAustralia Wide Premium POIs for TomTom - VIA others (pre 2015 models)

What customers have said:

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that your Camps POIs file is brilliant. My travel group have just come back from 7 weeks of touring Tasmania. We used your file on our GPS extensively and it never failed us. It made it so much easier to find the free camps and dump points that we were looking for. We have recommended it to many fellow travellers who hopefully, like us, purchase your program. Congratulations on a great product. Rgds Lyn