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Camps Community Cook Book

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Turn the chore of deciding what to cook into wonderful memory-making moments with the Camps Community Cookbook.  Filled with over 100 tried and true delicious recipes contributed by the Camps community!

We've embraced the ethos of camp cooking - some travellers are on the road for months on end and travel with creature comforts. Microwaves, stovetops, ovens and grills could all be on board - and some with an outdoor kitchen to boot!

Others go for a weekend, and camping means basic ingredients only, and basic cooking. Maybe with a BBQ plate and an old fashioned jaffle iron thrown in. And sticks for marshmallows, of course!

More and more, we’re finding foodies showing off their outdoor cooking, experimenting with their recipes and in love with their Weber, Bushpig and camp oven.

The majority of the recipes in this book have few ingredients - perfect for those ‘Mother Hubbard’ moments, or just when you want to travel lightly.

We’ve kept it in the style it was sent to us, to keep the authenticity of the contributor. It is mostly metric, with a few inches left in. It is a ‘bit of this and that’ with some of these - measurements are not always exact. So if it says a dash or approximately, it is permission to improvise.

Be encouraged to experiment yourself, and perhaps develop variations for you or your family. Try adding some Aussie bush tucker for flavour. We’d love to hear how you go.

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Camp cooking made easy!

From the creators of CAMPS 10 and PARKS 5, Australia’s favourite RV travel guides, the Camps Australia Wide Community Cookbook will be out ready for Christmas! It is full of tried and true recipes generously provided by the CAMPS community.

Image: Dalmorton on the Boyd River, NSW
Natalie Bianchi @offroad_family_adventures via Instagram

From the community, for the community

In the first place, you told us that a CAMPS cookbook was what you wanted from us. Secondly, that is how the cookbook was created: travellers like yourself, sharing favourite camping recipes.
CAMPS’ lovers have contributed their favourite breakfasts, lunches, dinners, dealing with leftovers and treats for happy hours!

Image: Low 'n' Slow Beef Shorties
Tom Singh @we_r_outtahere via Instagram

Over 100 loved recipes

All versatile – with camp oven, BBQ, thermal and slow cookers as well as gas stoves, ovens and microwaves in use.

Image: Tea at sunset, Pyramid Campground, Porcupine Gorge, QLD
by Rhonda Denney

Traveller's favourite 'must dos' and campsites

You'll love hearing about everyone’s favourite camping spots and caravan parks, and their “must see and do” recommendations in Australia.

Image: Cangai on the Mann River, NSW
Natalie Bianchi @offroad_family_adventures via Instagram

Best memories of cooking each recipe

What is even more enticing are the memories that have been recorded with each featured recipe. Read about camping traditions – meals that are perfect for the first night, some always saved for the last night, and other recipes handed down over generations.
Stories tell of wildlife, mozzies and striking gold and many more!

Image: Eating burgers at Lucky Bay, Esperance, WA
by Camps Australia Wide

Some recipe names make you smile...

One recipe is called 'When the Fridge is Empty’, another ‘Dick’s Mix-Up’. There’s no mistaking that these recipes were created by Aussies, people travelling with their CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE guides. From rabbit stew to a vegetarian’s delight – even FODMAPS, and keto rates a mention!

Image: Awinya Creek, Fraser Island, QLD
Michaela Rahn @oceanchicka via Instagram

Meals & starters, breads & basics...

You’ll find salads, stews, roasts, curries, stir fries, different cuisines and more one-pot wonders. There’s a dedicated section to the all important camping staple of damper.

Image: Quick and Easy Quiche Boats by Claire Phillips

Sweet treats are also on offer...

Puddings, giant biscuits, chocolate brownies – plus an ice-cream you can make in the bush! Now that’s living!

Image: Making ice-cream at Lawn Hill - Boodjamulla National Park, QLD
by David R Jones

Value for money

Loads of inexpensive options using mince, tuna, and great innovations with sausages! Some for feeding a crowd, and plenty of meals here for one or two.

Image: Make your own pasta on the road- and you don't need a pasta maker!
Melissa Jones @TogetherWhereeverOz via Instagram

Camp Cooking Know How

Plus you receive extra advice! Handy tips for the campfire, groceries on the road, knowledge for those on the long haul or travelling with families...

Image: @parttime_campers via Instagram

Recipe hacks for "Mother Hubbard" moments

Easy and quick with few ingredients! Savoury and sweet, this section with little recipes will come in handy.

Image: Dalmorton on the Boyd River, NSW
Natalie Bianchi @offroad_family_adventures via Instagram

Why buy from us

Camps Australia Wide has had around 20 years producing CAMPS books. Known as ‘The Traveller’s Bible’, we and our team have spent thousands of hours travelling and researching sites all over Australia. Now we produce our first printed cook book - filled with recipes from CAMPS lovers.
  • Family-owned and operated
  • All Aussie team in production and design of the cook book
  • Fast, free shipping Australia wide
  • Easy to use and comprehensive guide
  • The cook book is printed in Australia
CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE has proven to be a hit with travellers across Australia. Why not join them?
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