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Camps 10 GPS POI Digital Download for GPS

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply instruct your GPS to tell you where the nearest low-cost or free stopover site is located? Well, now you can thanks to CAMPS 10 GPS POI.

Please note CAMPS 10 numbering is different to CAMPS 8 & 9. Make sure you order the POI file that matches your CAMPS publication. Detailed instructions are included with your purchase.

NOTE: You will be transferred to the ‘GPSOZ’ web site for the purchase and download of this product.

Own a GPS and would like to be able to find out  "Where is my nearest CAMPS10 location?" or instruct it to "take me to site 199".

Then this handy addition is for you! We'll email you a specific file for your GPS, just connect up your GPS and install the file. Simple and easy to do. Detailed instructions included.

CAMPS10 Premium POIs now include: 

  • 3 updates, approximately six months apart ie Aug 19, Feb 20 and Aug 20
  • CARAVAN PARK 5 Locations, Premium Caravan Parks - 2243 locations
  • 5,845 locations of free or low cost camping sites, day use sites and dump point locations (up from 3900 in CAMPS9)
  • Total 8088 locations
  • Updated symbols to increase readability on GPS

So twice as many locations with updates every 6 months!

Please specify when ordering, if you use a Windows or MAC computer.

      Please note CAMPS10 numbering is different to previous versions. Please order the POI file that matches your CAMPS publication.

        What customers have said:

        Hi     Just wanted to let you know that your Camps POIs file is brilliant. My travel group have just come back from 7 weeks of touring Tasmania. We used your file on our GPS extensively and it never failed us. It made it so much easier to find the free camps and dump points that we were looking for. We have recommended it to many fellow travellers who hopefully, like us, purchase your program.  Congratulations on a great product.  Rgds  Lyn

        Downloads suits: Aldi’s Go Cruise, Garmin Nuvi, Zumo, Dezl and more, Sygic, iGo – most GPS units running iGo navigation software, NAVMAN – All models except S30, EZ15, EZY30, EZY40 or EZY45, Navig8r, Navigon GPS units only,  OziExplorer (Name search format) only, Land Rover, Range Rover &  Discovery Factory Dash Units, Polaris in Dash units using SYGIC  & iGO software, TomTom – most models, Toyota Factory Dash Units, UNIDEN iGo series, VMS portables – all models, iGo, Zenec to name a few.

        Save money and travel further

        CAMPS 9 POI has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with the CAMPS 9 book, one of Australia’s most valuable printed resource for the RV traveller, comprehensive and authenticated guide to free and low cost camping as well as unique outback camping sites throughout the country.

        100% verified free & budget campsites

         Every site is verified, includes HEMA maps and public dump points, identifies places that are pet friendly, and there is a free update
        service on the website.

        Over 4000 sites

        With this handy addition you can easily find low cost campsites, caravan parks, station stays, national parks and rest areas around Australia while you are on the road.

        Everything an RV traveller needs

        Once installed, you can find out where your nearest Camps 9 location is or instruct your GPS to take you to a particular site, e.g. ‘site 199’. Camps is regarded as the ‘traveller’s bible’ being able to plan trips with stopovers that are free or low cost – we even tell you if the camp spot is close to the road, has a pleasant outlook, mobile phone coverage or dry weather access.

        Easy to use

        When you order CAMPS 9 GPS POI we will email you a specific file for your GPS. Simply connect your GPS, install the file and you are ready to go!

        Take your pet on the road

        Every listing has a symbol that tells you straight away if your pooch or pet will be welcome. We list over 3200 pet friendly sites.

        Includes public dump points 

        Over 400 locations with addresses & GPS 
        co-ordinates, as well as symbols to show suitability for cassettes, holding tanks (whether a fee
        is applicable) together with access for big rigs.

        Freedom to discover Australia

        If you like the idea of not knowing where you are going to sleep that night – then this is perfect for you – and if you like to plan ahead? The guide has everything you’ll need, encompassing the whole of Australia.

        Value for money

        Used with our guide, recoup the cost of purchases after just two nights camping out! The only camping guide you will need for the whole of Australia, and it is updated on our website, and use it in conjunction with our app.

        We’ve done the hard work    

        Checking, visiting and verifying existing and new sites so you can relax! We customise renowned HEMA Maps to make them easier to read.  

        Get away from the hustle and bustle

        You’ll make memories of a lifetime, knowing the fun of freedom camping – meeting like-minded travellers, and sharing adventures with your partner or family.

        Why buy from us


        After the success of eight editions over the last 16 years, Camps Australia has produced their 9th edition, with more sites, informative symbols and in full colour. This edition has 440 pages and has been revised and updated with over 4000 sites:
        • 100% researched and updated
        • Family owned and operated 
        • Fast, free shipping Australia wide
        • Not just a guide to camping spots
        • Easy to use and comprehensive guide
        • Long list of site facilities
        • GPS coordinates and site access details have been expanded
        • Sites overlaid onto HEMA maps
        CAMPS AUSTRALIA WIDE has proven to be a hit with travellers across Australia. Why not join them?
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